Troop 37 History

Troop 37 was founded in Geneva, Illinois in 1954.  The troop and the city has seen a great deal of change in this far western suburb of Chicago since then.  The Troop has been a positive influence on countless generations of Geneva’s youth and we look forward to another 50 years.  In 2004, the troop celebrated it 50th year of scouting with a year long celebration.  Troop 37 scouts and leaders proudly wear the 50-Year unit bar on their uniforms.

Troop 37 Eagle Scouts

Significance of the Eagle Rank

Webster’s dictionary describes an eagle as a large bird of prey with sharp vision and powerful wings, famous for their strength, size, grace, and keen vision. It is the national emblem for the United States. Though the eagle is found throughout the world, it is never found in abundance; it is always rare and it is always a superb specimen.

In Scouting the eagle stands for strength of character, and for knowledge of all phases of Scouting. The eagle represents an understanding of community and nation, and a deep respect for same. The eagle is a symbol of what a young man has done as well as what that young man will do, and will be, when he grows to manhood. The eagle is a leader. The eagle is respected, both by his peers and by his adult leaders.

The EAGLE SCOUT AWARD is the highest award available to youth members of the Boy Scouts of America.  It represents many years of dedicated effort , and the successful completion of a long process which started when the young man became a Boy Scout. It is a demonstration of how people, working together, can truly help mold a young man with a solid sense of leadership, citizenship, and responsibility.

View a list of Troop 37′s Eagle Scouts Since 1958

History of Eagle Scout badges
1924–1932 1933–1955 1956–1972 1972–1974
Eagle Scout Badge, Type 1
Eagle Scout Badge, Type 2
Eagle Scout Badge, Type 3
Eagle Scout Badge, Type 4
1975–1985 1985–1986 1986–1989 1989–present
Eagle Scout Badge, Type 5
Eagle Scout Badge, Type 6
Eagle Scout Badge, Type 7
Eagle Scout Badge, Type 8

Troop 37 Scoutmasters

Scoutmasters form the backbone of support for the troop.  They are the
primary adult leadership within the troop responsible for setting the direction of the troop,  leading the day to day and night to night activities of the troop, and most importantly mentoring scouts as the grow into young adults.  They are also responsible s the safety and security of all scouts.

Troop 37 Scoutmasters from 1954 to Present
1 Ronald J. Sutton Jr. 1954~1956
2 G. Robert Ball 1957~1960
3 ArthurClauter Jr. 1960~1965
4 William Ball 1966
5 William Smith 1967~70
6 Richard Sharp 1971
7 Arthur L. Brevik 1972
8 Sam Skinner 1972~1973
9 David Olson 1974~1975
10 Jack Gardener 1974~1975
11 Jack Williams 1975~1976
12 Walton Johnson 1978
13 Dennis Renner 1979~1981
14 Frank Whiting  1981~1982
15 David Carlson 1982
16 Lee Faulkner 1982~1984
17 William Otter 1986~1988
18 William Seabauer 1988~1989
19 Jeffery Gannon 1989~1990
20 John Gronberg 1990~1991
21 Mark Grosso 1991~1994
22 Bruce Snyder 1994~1995
23 Jeffery Miller 1995~1996
24 AB J Hougland 1996~1998
25 Eric Gudenschwager 1998~2004
26 James Henry Haugen 2005
27 Sergio Olache 2005~2007
28 Steve Price 2007~2010
29 Rosario J. Sparacio 2010~2013
30  Ron Kutz  2013~Present

Coming Soon!Awards & Recognition for Troop 37


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